GLP-1 Diet Factor

Weight Loss

Naturally benefit from GLP-1 enhancement to reduce hunger and loose weight.

Change your life in the next 90 days with weight loss

See real results within the next 90 days. Just use GDP-1 Diet Factor two or three times daily. No empty promises just real results.  

Nutrition Strategies

Increase your natural GLP-1 output and modify your gut bacteria for healthy weight.

Consistent weight loss

Decrease excess weight week after week with minimal effort.

Whole Body Health

All natural product that has multiple actions to increase overall health.

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Your weight loss support

As with any weight loss product or program any extra light exercise such as walking, will help improve your weight loss results and fitness level. 

How to Start

Add one teaspoon of GLP-1 Diet Factor to a glass of cool water, stir and allow 2 hours before use. Then consume 1/3 of this 20 to 30 minutes before each meal.

Weight loss

Through multiple actions of GLP-1 Diet Factor hunger is reduced as is absorption of calories from food consumed using a number of probiotic bacteria.


*Weight loss * Blood Sugar Management* Anti Inflammatory* Gut Health *

Stay Healthy And Fit

Get A Perfect Body

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