Inhibits the absorption of saccharides through a mechanism that binds monosaccharides, which are then expelled from the body. It also increases the expression of genes related to fatty-acid oxidation.

Decrease calories absorbed
Decreases absorption of sugars
Increases gene expression related to Fatty-acid oxidation
Increase Neuroprotection
decreases Diarrhea
Increases Detoxification of heavy metals
Maintain a low pH in the intestine, favoring healthy intestinal microbiota
Increase butyrate production
Increase intestinal immune barrier
Increase Satiety
Decrease Appetite
Decrease Liver Hepatic glucose production
Increase Renoprotection of the Kidneys
Increase Bone formation
Decrease Bone resorption
Increase Insulin secretion
Increase Insulin gene expression
decrease Glucagon secretion
Increase B-cell sensitivity
Increase B-cell neogenesis
Increase B-cell proliferation
Decrease B-cell glucose sensitivity
Increase Glucose uptake
Increase cardio protection
Increase Cardiac function
Decrease Gastric emptying
Decrease Gastric acid Secretion
Decrease Gastric motility
Increase Lipogenesis
Increase adipogenesis
Increase glucose uptake
Increase Muscle microvasculature

Has anticancer activity
Has Antioxidant activity
Has Antibacterial activity
Has Antifungal activity
Has Antiviral activity
Has Anti-Obesity activity
Has Anti Inflammatory Activity
Has Anti-Diabetes activity
Has Anti-Hypertensive Activity
Has Antiallergic activity
Has Anti-asthmatic activity
Has Anti-Alzheimer activity

Decreases starch Hydrolysis
Reduces cholesterol levels
Improves renal function
Prevents oxidation damage in the liver
Prevents pancreatic B-cells damage
Improves liver function in NAFLD

Increases Mitochondria function
Increases FA oxidation
Increases energy generation
Increases thermogenesis
decreases oxidative stress

Improves learning
Improves memory
Improves cognitive performance
decreases Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis
decreases Alzheimer’s disease
decreases Huntington’s disease
decreases ASD symptoms
Increases Osmoregulation
Increases Membrane stabilization
Increases cryoprotection
Increases calcium homeostatsis
Increases glucose homeostatsis
decrease Lipid synthesis
Improves IBS
Protects from Gut related issues.
Improves Gallbladder issues
Improves Skin appearance in aging skin

Increases PYY concentration
Increases GLP-1 concentration
Increases gastrointestinal mucus layer
Increases microbial diversity
Increase beneficial bacteria
Decreases obesity associated intestinal bacteria
decreases DPP IV enzyme