How to use GLP-1 Diet Factor

  • Add one teaspoon to one glass of cool water (directly from tap or filter is fine).
  • Do not use Cold water from refrigerator or warm / hot water.
  • Stir and allow to dissolve for 1 or 2 hours before use.
  • Do not refrigerate just leave in a safe place. Kitchen bench etc.
  • You can cover the glass if you like.
  • Drink 1/3 to ½ glass 1 to 3 times daily 30 minutes before meals.
  • Full effect of appetite suppression should be felt in 30 days.
  • Product is designed for long term use.

Do not take within 1 hours of medication.

Do not take if you are allergic to any ingredient in this product.

Best effects if you drink product 3 times daily before meals.